Comments from Organizations

Leadership America

“Your keynote was wonderful, and you were once again our most highly-rated speaker!"

National Association for Women Legislators

"Your gift to these women was invaluable, the remarks you offered were priceless."

American Nurses Association

"Thank you for providing us the continuing inspiration to tackle the obstacles to healthcare reform."

American Hospital Association

"At one point you said that the convention was a perfect place for hospital leaders to renew their energies, and certainly you helped them to do that your remarks about what it takes to be a leader hit home."

Anti-Defamation League, women of Achievement conference

"Your comments were a perfect culmination to the evening. Everyone enjoyed your remarks. You are a wonderful role model for both men and women."

1996 Conference for Leadership Texas

"You provided a look at how far we have come and added perspective on our next steps. ... You provided lots of oxygen through honest laughter. ... Absolutely energizing and inspiring!... Motivating, caring, and understanding. ...Excellent. Love to hear personal, inspiring stories!... Very inspirational. Great principles of leadership."

Tennessee Leadership

"You provided an interesting angle on our conference theme Quality Time: Improving our Inner Person and addressed issues of significant importance to women who are leaders in business and communities across Tennessee. Your talk was a highpoint in a very successful conference."

National Association for Law Placement

"Incredible! So moving, she brought tears to my eyes! The topics were so motivational and it was reassuring to hear the changes in someone's life who is so successful parallel the changes in ours!"

Feedback from Universities/Colleges About Sarah Weddington

"We appreciate your professionalism and sharing with everyone in attendance your insight, knowledge and views on 'The Role of Women in the '90s.' We found the debate to be lively, informative and sometimes heated—the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it!"

University of Texas at Arlington, Campus Activities

“Your performance was, simply put, masterful. I know what it takes to give an outstanding lecture and you did it!"

University of Georgia School of Law

"You knew how to appeal to the hearts and souls of men and women alike on leadership, women's issues. ...and all other topics you mentioned. Your lecture was witty, warm, entertaining and inspiring. The standing ovation given at the end was well deserved."

Cornell University