Student Feedback About Sarah Weddington

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a member of your Leadership in America class. What an incredible sense of wisdom, insight, and experience you gave to us all. You truly are a leader and a role model for me. The opportunity to not only listen to your experience, but also hear Liz Carpenter, Robert Berdahl, and President Ford were very beneficial and exciting. The class allowed me to explore some of my strengths and weaknesses and see where I can expand upon my capabilities."

"This was an excellent class. I'm so happy that I've had the opportunity to work with Sarah. She's very inspiring to me and has made me strive a little harder than usual to answer tough questions on leadership."

"Your Gender-Based Discrimination seminar was a high point in my undergraduate career, and will serve me well during the next three years and beyond. I sincerely appreciate your instruction and guidance throughout that semester-you enabled me to further clarify and solidify my goals for law school and future career."

"I have really enjoyed [her] class and really enjoyed being taught by Sarah. She is such a neat person with so much history. We could have met three hours a day, instead of three hours a week, and she would still have tons of information to share with the class. This has been my best learning experience in my four years at UT. Thanks."

“This has been one of my favorite classes at UT. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, interesting, and organized. The opportunities she assorded us were unparalleled."

"Sarah Weddington is a great professor. She teaches the class with heart and dedication and has an unbelievable knowledge of the subject area. The class has been one of my greatest academic challenges at UT, but has been by far the most enjoyable and educational. Thank you to Ms. Weddington."