An Accomplished Public Speaker

Dr. Weddington speaks for groups and organizations, and a list of recent speaking engagements can be found here.

Dr. Weddington customizes each of her speeches. That process allows her to speak directly to the concerns of the group involved. However, the following summaries give a general indication of some of her topics and content.

Laugh, Learn and Lead

Sarah Weddington has lived a life of leadership, and she will share her expertise and insight during this session. You will walk away with key attitudes, skills and elements of leadership that you can apply immediately to your professional, and personal life to help you operate consistently at peak efficiency.

Some Leaders are Born Women!

Women are often the ones who have the key skills required in top leadership positions, yet few women hold these high-profile titles. This session will include laughter and learning as participants share a look at the historical factors that have contributed to this situation, at the perfect fit today of what women have to offer and what is needed and at how participants can enhance their personal leadership. You'll be asked to help prove that, indeed, some leaders are born women! Audio and video recordings of "Some Leaders are Born Women" are available online here.

First Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On

Do you ever feel tired? Most leaders do. What should we do to increase our levels of oxygen and energy? In this speech, Dr. Weddington will provide insights into personal renewal. Laughter and good times help replenish our energy supply, one saying (with a modern twist) says: "He and she who laugh, last." And last we must. Moments of learning and discovery give us energy. And leading gives us impact and the joy of making a difference. She will share her own leadership experiences and suggest that participants "practice leadership, "use the critical eye" to watch others who have highly developed skills and adapt their best techniques, and be "divinely discontent” in looking for ways to make a positive difference.

How to Talk Your Way to Success

One key to success is effective verbal communication skills. Whether you are making a speech, an informal presentation, comments in a work or social setting or whether you want to be the dinner guest everyone wants to include, communication is key to success. This is a session with a nationally prominent speaker who has appeared on all the top morning TV shows. Her communication skills have helped her win a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, win an election to the Texas Legislature, work as Assistant to the President of the United States, and become a sought-out speaker and commentator.

Living the Leadership Life

Sarah Weddington will describe her own path to leadership, including her experiences as the first woman (from Austin/Travis County) elected to the Texas Legislature, the first woman General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a White House Assistant to President Jimmy Carter, and the attorney who argued Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court (her first contested case). She will draw on her own experiences and interactions with national and international leaders to illustrate the nature of leadership, theories of leadership, skills of leadership and the costs and benefits of leadership. She will challenge each audience member to live "the leadership life" and to leave his or her "thumbprint" on the world.

Strategies to Reach the Top

People who advance in leadership roles have often done so through “hard work plus”. Participants will explore plus elements and plot their own route upwards.

How to Put Leadership into Action

One of the National Association for Law Placement’s all-time most popular presenters — Sarah Weddington — will facilitate an exciting seminar designed to assist participants in identifying and assessing individual leadership potential, analyze style, and learn strategies and techniques for influential and effective leadership. Leaders leading other leaders, leadership as advocacy, and other important topics will be included. Expect to be surprised, challenged, and supported as you learn about the art and science of leadership.

The Spotlight Is On You!

Your job as a professional puts you at center stage — the place where the bright lights focus on you as a large, diverse, demanding audience of constituents watches. Where will you find the energy to maintain peak performance? Join the fun of this special session. The wit and wisdom that Sarah Weddington will share will make you laugh, help you learn, and give you the tools you need to prepare for your starring role.


Leadership America

“Your keynote was wonderful, and you were once again our most highly-rated speaker!"

National Association for Women Legislators

"Your gift to these women was invaluable, the remarks you offered were priceless."

American Nurses Association

"Thank you for providing us the continuing inspiration to tackle the obstacles to healthcare reform."

American Hospital Association

"At one point you said that the convention was a perfect place for hospital leaders to renew their energies, and certainly you helped them to do that Your remarks about what it takes to be a leader hit home."