The Weddington Center

The Weddington Center serves as the base for Sarah Weddington's professional activities, including speaking, conference participation, teaching, and writing commitments. It also provides the umbrella for a variety of collaborative endeavors that encourage and facilitate:

  • • Development of leadership skills.
  • • Personal resilience in meeting the draining demands of leadership.
  • • Women's preparation for assuming leadership positions.
  • • Commitment to involvement in public and civic leadership.

Dr. Sarah Weddington, founder of The Weddington Center, is an inspiring speaker, a master teacher, and an articulate writer. She has demonstrated leadership in law and in civic issues as an elected state leader and an appointed national leader.

Ms. Weddington has studied leadership for more than 25 years. She is nationally known for her ability to inspire and train individuals to become leaders in their chosen fields and to enhance their leadership skills. She is frequently involved in programs that assist women in preparing for and attaining increasingly influential executive and leadership positions.

Purpose of this Web Site: This Web site has been created to inform individuals, students, organizations and media representatives about The Weddington Center and its founder. It will also serve as a resource for information on Dr. Weddington's expanding activities and the subjects in which she is particularly interested.

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Dr. Sarah Weddington is a nationally known attorney and spokesperson on leadership and public issues, and her experience and charisma make her a highly sought-after speaker on the development of leadership skills. Read More


As a previous board member of The Foundation for Women’s Resources, Weddington was involved in establishing such programs as Leadership Texas, Leadership America, Power Pipeline and The Women’s Museum in Dallas, Texas. Read More


Dr. Weddington customizes each of her speeches. That process allows her to speak directly to the concerns of the group involved. However, the following summaries give a general indication of some of her topics and content. Read More

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